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Friday, October 29, 2010

George Carlin: The Illusion Of Choice

We are living in a Financially broke society all over the world. Every decision or choice that the Government and Big Corporations make for the people is Never a Moral or Ethical choice, it is always a Financial Decision by Top Executives. You have to make the moral and ethical stand of yourself, by yourself, for yourself.

All the Financial Policies are made by Rich Top Executives of Governments and Big Corporations who do not live in the Area of Financial Threat and Risks. But the Small investor who is living in the Area of Threat and Risk is Investing his hard earned money of 30 years out of Necessity that it beats Inflation and Pays for his/her retirement and "golden" years. However, the small investor is guaranteed nothing but the Big Investor is Guaranteed everything because without him the Ponji Scheme cannot initiate. The Big Investors are the First Investors, they set up the Company or Foundation, the Big Investors select the Board of directors who work for their Money not for Morals and Ethics, they make the Rules and they drive the money game by paying actors and media to do as they are told.

‎911 is an Inside Job. Need only 2 Evidences: 1)Demolition Style Collapse 2) Presence of Thermite at Ground Zero

Yes, it is essential to expose the Hidden Government, Cabals and Banksters. It is importantant to expose that The USA is not ope...rating as a Nation protecting People. The USA is a company doing business world-wide running under the Cover of a Nation. The USA was declared Bankrupt in 1779, 1879 and 1933. It is Bankrupt now again and will be declared as such in the Congress in 1 to 4 years, having worked its way through the World. The Coming Global Economic Crisis, will take place between 2012 to 2016 and will ring in the NECESSITY for the New World Socialist Order.
YouTube video --
Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis

False Flagging is the Order of the Day to administer Fear and Control Mechanisms. The Time is Coming. They have everything. The one thing they do not have is the Number of Super Rich. Most People in the world are poor and the effect is going to snow ball between 2012 and 2016 with another even bigger Global Economic Collapse.

When you come to think how these Super Rich play Empire you realize Profits they Monopolize, Losses they Corporatise. And You have been investing in them every time you eat and do the things to live.

George Carlin: The Illusion Of Choice
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