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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Message to the Truth Seeker

I have tried to tell you all the important things in one message here. Please take your time to go through it word by word. Then YouTube or Google Search the Words. Alternatively you ask me for help. Book Mark this Page/ Save it - So that you can refer/check.

How did I find out about Everything?

We are ordinary people trying to build our world with the information that is fed to us. We have been indoctrinated that Money is the answer. It is like having a Lego set with a plan. But when you follow the plan, you do not get the expected result. As I am searcher by nature so I searched:

1997 was a Bad year for Asians - The Asian Financial Crisis.

1)This was the 1st Clue that the Fault was in the SYSTEM.
2)2001 - Dot Com Bubble.
3)Sub-prime Crisis in 2007
4)2008 - Global Economic Crisis

I was reading all the News Closely. I realized the papers gave the False news in Big Space and the Real News - in small space. It looked like as if somebody was trying to warn the public. I researched the matter in the small space and Oh My God! When I bounced the thought on some important people, they said, Illuminati, Freemasons and Jesuits. Then I searched that words like Eugenics, Money as Debt, RFID Chips, NWO.

Then of course were the matter that 911WTC was an inside job. January to June 2009 - Obama put the scent of the crooks off and the dogs lost track for a while . Then Came Alex Jones's - Obama Deception and Zeitgeist movies got me on track again. Then The Secret of OZ and the Money Masters. Then "Police State" and Deep Underground Military Bases, FEMA Camps. The Bankruptcy of US in 1779, 1879 and 1933 was a shocker.

Hidden Government, Hidden Banking System, Secret Societies. 50% of the World Living on $2/day. Every 6 seconds 1 child dies of Starvation. Global expenditure for Military: $1 Trillion/annually. Amount needed to end Starvation: $35 Billion/annually only. Oligarchs control Global Economy, Just a few Families. 10 Banks control 80% US Wealth. 1% of the World owns 50% the Wealth.

10% US unemployment Rate, 40 million Americans on Food Stamps, 2010, US Federal Deficit - 1.3 Trillion. US Debt to GDP Ratio: 1:1 - Unsustainable Economy. Amero. NAU. Bank closures. Foreclosure.
Total US Debt: $100 Trillion - With Derivatives it is $1.6 Quadrillion ($1,600 Trillion). Impossible to pay back.

Wikileaks, Pentagon Papers, Food Inc., The Story of Stuff, Confessions of a Hit Man

Countries in Financial Crisis:- Greece, Iceland, Portugal, Ireland, UK, Spain, Italy, France, Argentina ..etc. 40 out of the 50 States in US are Bankrupt. Federal Reserve Bank of US is neither Federal nor a Reserve. It is a Private Company belonging to about a 100 share holders in US and Europe. The Bilderberg Group.

7% of US Economy belongs to the Saudi Arabians. Israel was gift to the Rothchilds issued in 1917 but accomplished in 1948 in the name of God. The Creature of Jekyll Island - Edward Griffin. Search - Howard Zinn, Carol Quigley, Aaron Russo, Lyndon LaRouche, Peter Schiff, Ron Paul, Gerald Celente, Marc Faber, Jim Rogers, Max Keiser, Michael Moore, Elizabeth Warren, David Walker, David Icke. Paul Krugman, Joseph Stiglitz, Real News TV, National Inflation Association, Federal Reserve Bank, Globalists... and the List goes on on and on...

Everybody in the World has heard the Rumble of the Coming War, Depression or Stagflation ...that the 2nd Coming of Jesus is a Hit in churches. Non-Christians choose 2012 to make sense of Reality. Bretton Woods, Glass-Steagal Act, Friedman. Quantitative Easing and Fractional Reserve Banking. Ponzi Scheme. Currency Wars. Drug Money. 60,000 Nuclear War heads to reach any where in the world in half and hour.


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