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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The USA is already Bankrupt

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The USA is already Bankrupt. The USA was 1st Bankrupt in 1779. The USA was again declared Bankrupt on the 9th of March, 1933. The USA is on its way to Bankruptcy again. The USA is Not a Country. It is a Corporation. Your State is a Country by "George Bush is the President of a Corporation called the United States of America and You are the stocks (slaves) sold to the Queen of England." Jordan Maxwell Real Money Comes from the people and Fiat Money Comes from the FED. The FED then exchanges its Fiat Money for the People's Real money and then Tells the People, "You are in Debt." If we want to live in Reality - End The FED.

So much for the Problems. What's the Solution? The Pandora's Box of Horrors only opened in 2008 with The Global Economic Meltdown, $50 Trillion Disappeared from the Books in a Year Worldwide. Do you think printing a meagre $10 Trillion can Solve the Problem? Of Course Not. The Big Banks Misinvested and Lost. Then The FED printed the Money, propped up the Big Banks and asked all the Tax Payers to pay for their Misadventure. Does that make sense to You? Of Course Not. This is a Systemic Error of Manipulators for Self Interest. What can Correct it? ATTITUDE. The only way to change ATTITUDE is END the FED and Let the Big Banks Fail. The alternative is Debt Slavery for the Next 100 years World Wide, Socialism, Communism and Police State. Now Choose.

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