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Sunday, October 31, 2010

The US is a thrice Bankrupted Cprporation

USA is a Bankrupted thrice Corporation. 1st in 1779, then in 1889, then again in 1933. USA of 1933 was nothing, nothing more than what off-shore banks are today for the Banksters - a territory they can use to play havoc with rational... thinking people who need money to operate. USA was 1 Las Vegas. ->Everybody knows the illusion of Might that came out of US from 1945 - 2000. By 2000, The Economists must have known US is in trouble.

The FED has only 2 IMMORAL keys:
1)Print Money
2)Lower the interest Rate.

However, when this is done too much for too long --> Result -> Subprime Crisis, 2007, --> Global Economic Crisis --> 2008, Proving the Corporation, USA Inc. is now Bankrupt for the 4th Time in History. The "Corporate" government has now 1 more Card --> The Media, It uses the Media to lie to the People everything is Alright, while in the backroom the crooks are working out an exit plan for THEMSELVES.

Remember the crooks do not need US to do their operations. They can do it from anywhere in the World. The Americans are left with the "Bad Debt Baby". It takes some time to declare bankruptcy because they have to test all avenues and legalities. So we can expect the Announcement of US Bankruptcy anytime in 1 to 4 years, depending on how long it takes to work through the system and to show ill effect on every nation on EARTH.

All I am sure is it will happen. It will be world-wide. It will be catastrophic. It will be merciless. 10% will escape. 20% will barely escape. 20% will prefer to be dead, for 30% it won't make any difference because they do not live on money, 20% will starve to death. We will never see the full effect because the truth will never be reported like 911.

The Media will show you pictures of prosperity while whole cities degenerate. People in Developed Nations will suffer more as a result of economic rebalancing. Developing nations will have a temporary up trend but there will be a blow back.

This could have happened in 2009 but Obama bought some time and delayed it. In 2008, The World saw the disappearance of $50 Trillion in stocks. To date there has been only some Fiat Replacement. The effects are already happening. Watch: Overdose: - share it and brace yourself.

Why do I dare to make such a prediction? Because the Economic Fundamentals do not add up. 2 + 2 = 4 not 8. The Present Global Economy has been built on War, Deception, Corruption and Fraud and the Global Financial Cess Pool is spilling over like the Gulf Oil-spill. It will spread and destroy life. Be prepared.

Only what is good is in the Main Stream Media and TV, so that you are drugged by them until the whole world Financial System one Day Collapses Suddenly yes, S U D D E N L Y , like the Berlin Wall 1989, USSR 1990 and Twin Towers 2001, Stock Markets 2008.


the Republic of the united States of America

I love this......!/photo.php?pid=30828919&id=1092073987&ref=fbx_album

Clearfield Doctrine

Clearfield Trust Co. v. United States

*---> Controlled by

World --->America--->Britain--->Vatican--->Jesuits--->Bilderberg Group
---->Rothschild, Rockefeller, Warburgs and JP.Morgan (The Globalist Oligarchs)

Criminal Rothschilds

Man is part of Nature. Nature is Self Sustainable by Natural Laws, 1st Principles and Fundamentals. If man institutes something that is Not sustainable it self Terminates.

The very fact that the present Debt System lasted 100 years is sufficient proof that it had some credibility. The Fact that 2008 Crisis happened shows it has no more credibility to Self Sustain. Meaning: Every Law can be stretched and departed from for some extent like elastic. But like elastic, too much deviation breaks it.
1)Banks are over borrowed lending to subprime borrowers. Whose fault is it?
2)No colateral is used except that the speculation that the investment will rise in value.
3)Lending even up to 100 times the value of the inflated item.
4)The creation of Derivatives and the deregulation of Hedge Funds means numbers on the The Ledger of the Accountant were in outer space. Not on Earth.
5)The Union of the Savings Banks with Investments Banks by the Glass-Steagall Act - 1998.

2 + 2 = 4, not 8. India like China had experienced the Asian Crisis in 1997. We have all been disciplined by it. However, the 1st World Nations continued to party - And the world will have to pay the Cost of the Party. Worse still, normally the Rich do Not pay for these parties - They make the Poor pay for their failure as if it was their Birth right. That is why there are 3.4 Billion People living below the Poverty Line Today without a voice.

And that is the only excuse Terrorists have - to remain Terrorists.

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