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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Human means Spirit in Dirt

We are living in a Financially broke society all over the world. Every decision or choice that the Government and Big Corporations make for the people is Never a Moral or Ethical choice, it is always a Financial Decision by Top Executives. You have to make the moral and ethical stand of yourself, by yourself, for yourself.

Many Vultures all over the World are waiting silently to see USA collapse like USSR in 1990. They will benefit by the dead carcasses left over. Some animals will celebrate the death of others.

When USA collapses it will be sudden and its effects will be felt every where. All I am sure is, it will happen. It will be world-wide. It will be catastrophic. It will be merciless. 10% will escape. 20% will barely escape. 20% will prefer to be dead, for 30% it won't make any difference bec...ause they do not live on money, 20% will starve to death. We will never see the full effect because the truth will never be reported like 911.

The Media will show you pictures of prosperity while whole cities degenerate. People in Developed Nations will suffer more as a result of economic rebalancing. Developing nations will have a temporary up trend but there will be a blow back.

This could have happened in 2009 but Obama bought some time and delayed it. In 2008, The World saw the disappearance of $50 Trillion in stocks. To date there has been only some Fiat Replacement. The effects are already happening. Watch: - share it and brace yourself.

Why do I dare to make such a prediction? Because the Economic Fundamentals do not add up. 2 + 2 = 4 not 8. The Present Global Economy has been built on War, Deception, Corruption and Fraud and the Global Financial Cess Pool is spilling over like the Gulf Oil-spill. It will spread and destroy life. Be prepared.

The only solution is Self education and keep influencing friends until they see the light. ..Today, I learnt there is such a business call "Carbon Trading Broker". ..All decisions are made depending on the MONEY in it for the broker not a Moral or Ethical choice. The Elite party, dance, play golf and click wine glasses while making decisions they need not be responsible for....It is time we re-instituted the words "Responsibility" and "Accountability" into Leadership.

William Colby Quote with Comments:

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