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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cancer Cures

Great Atheist Quotes
Leave It to Beaver (S2) - "Eddie's Girl" pt.1/3
Monsanto Now Owns Blackwater (Xe) | OneWorldScam: - if tumors present, look into IPT - Insulin potentiated therapy.

IV Vit C is an oldie and goodie:

"The Cure for All Cancers" by Hulda Clark. it has a very cheap and easy de-parasite and detox program that you can do yourself.

"The Prescription ...For Nutritional Healing" by James Balch M.D..
Getting your body alkaline vs. acidic will help a great deal as cancer is not supposed to be able to grow in an alkaline environment. The Isagenix program.

YouTube - How They Rig the Price of Gold:
YouTube - How They Rig the Price of Gold:
Hulu - The American Ruling Class - Watch the full feature film now.

The end of the Obama Empire? The outlook looks grim for the imperial presidency
America was in debt since the last 93 years.

America was Bankrupt on the 9th of March, 1933.
America's Debt became $1 Trillion in 1990.
America's Debt became $2 Trillion in 2000.
America's Debt became $8 Trillion in 2008.
America's Debt became $14 Trillion in 2010.

Together with Social Security and Medicare,
America's Debt is $100 Trillion
Together with the Derivatives,
America's Debt is $1.6 Quadrillion ($1,600 Trillion)
The Problem with all this Debt Problem is that our Universities,
Schools and Kindergartens did not teach us because they thought that as long as we borrow, buy and spend, Debt will disappear.

Wrong, it does not work that way. Our mother should have sung the debt lullaby to us when putting us to sleep. Since they did not do it, we will have to Sing the "Debt Lullaby" to our Babies so that they don't spend somebody else money when they grow up.
It goes something like this:
Debtaby Baby on the Tree Top.
Debtaby Baby on the tree top,
When the Wind Blows,
The Debt will Rock
And down will come Baby,
Economy and All.
The Rent Is Too Damn High Party's Jimmy McMillan at the NY Governor Debate
World Bank Warns Of Global Currency Tensions
Trillion Dollar World Market Bailout

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