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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Maritime Admirality Law

YouTube - Sam Davis Collateralizing America pt1:
Pam Schuffert's The Coming Persecution of the Church in America:
:The Freedom of Knowledge; The Power of Thought:
Concentration Camp Locations:
YouTube - FEMA Camp Footage (Concentrations Camps in USA):

YouTube - Bob Chapman's Friday Economic Report: Gold Climbs The Bull Market Wall of Worry 1/3:
The Restored Kingdom Mandate:
YouTube video -- Ummai Nessipain I Love you Jesus by Alwin Thomas
YouTube - The "Holy Roman" 14th Amendment American Empire Inc.: *#*#*#*#

YouTube - America Is STILL A British Colony:
YouTube - 30 Little Known Facts about America:
Xavier Jayakumar, Suara Sri Andalas:
YouTube - Xavier : PKR Party Election 2010:
Twitter / People xavierjayakumar is following:

Maritime Admiralty Law. Why Is your Name Spelled In All Capital Letters:

YouTube - Maritime Admiralty Law, Jordan Maxwell:
YouTube - "Natural Man vs. Artificial Person, Law, Money

911 -Movie - Missing Links:

EndGame HQ full length version
YouTube - Abortion and Black Genocide (Barack Obama and the Negro Project):

YouTube - "PLUNDER" Theatrical Trailer:
Danny Schechter on the financial crisis and Wall Street as a crime narrative

Red Ice Creations Join up great programs.

Mary Croft's book and links

YouTube - Question #3- Racist Viruses?:
YouTube - Question #1- Creation of Earth and Light:
YouTube - Population Control - part 6 [conclusion]:
Free Thinking Lessons - 101 - Population Control - part 1
13 illuminati bloodlines & mind control: Part 1

Population Control: The Eugenics Connection - Part 1
Event: Community Health Data Initiative Launched (06/02/2010)
OpenGov website.
We accept comments according to our comment policy
U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

The Economy Is A Ponzi, And The Market's Only Hope Is That The Bubble Continues
S&P:Predicts US will have a debt of 415% of GDP by 2050

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