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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Money as Debt

Money As Debt 1-4
Money as Debt II Promises Unleashed (1 of 8)

The Money Masters - Full

Revolution Harry: The Treaty of Verona and the Deception That is the Magna Carta.:

In Egypt, Disparate Groups of Protesters Unite in Hopes of Ousting Mubarak
The US Could Never Protest Like Egypt Has - by comedian Lee Camp
Egyptian Revolution 2011 COMPLETE. World MUST MUST watch this. Freedom for All!
Inspirational Video - The Don't Quit Poem

The US is the Largest Economy in the World, controlling 25% of the Globe's GDP. It is also the World's Policeman since 1945. My questions are: Are US Dollars going to Preserve and Promote Life OR Destroy, Deceive and Crush Peace, Happiness and Life ? Does US Dollars go to preserve some preferred forms of Life over other forms of Living? What is the Basis of the choice?
Is US Dollars punishing the poor and weak to protect the Big and Mighty ? Is the value of all Human Life on Earth the same at Birth ? Is there one Law for some and another Law for others ? Is there one Law above the table and another under ? Are the Leaders we see on TV, Puppets? Who are the Puppet Masters ? Why are we Listening to them ?

Ben Bernanke Is A Liar
Federal Reserve Bank will fail by December 2012
Dec 21, 2010 9:31am
You raise me Up (with lyrics)

Story of a Palestinian Girl
Acts of Omission is a form of aiding and abetting. It is called enabling. Know what American tax dollars are doing throughout the world. You are doing what you may think you are not doing because your government is doing it on your behalf.

The Hindu : News / International : Mubarak reported ailing
Ancient Aliens - Aliens and the Third Reich s02 e05 Part 1
TheraminTrees - Conformity
GENERAL SULEIMAN * Zeid and the Wings
What is the Capital of Israel!

Cynthia Mckinney Reveals 5,000 Executed Post Katrina
New Madrid - Gas - Yellowstone and The Gulf of Mexico Pt 1 of 2
The Wake Up Project: The Arrivals - PART 4

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