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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Empowered For Life - SHINE

I was honoured Yesterday to Witness a Great Transformation being attempted in Malaysia: This is the First of its kind with a Difference in Social Engineering and Entrepreneurship: We all are aware of the the Great Struggles in Socio- Economic Changes going on in every country of the World. So I am neither proud nor ashamed to say it as it is: There is a Lot of Work to do. However, a Brave group of about 30 People under the Leadership of Jacky Cheng and Mario Gunter and the Guidance of Dr.Ramesh Nambiar and Azeeza Jalalluddin have garnered enough courage to do a Never Done Before Social Entrepreneurship Project with a Difference. They are organising a Gala dinner on the 7th of May, 2011 - entitled: EMPOWERED FOR LIFE GALA DINNER. Normally Gala dinners are Charity and Donation Drives. However, this is a special Gala Dinner, mainly for Corporates in Malaysia who want their staff to get Motivation, Inspiration and Knowledge to face THE CHALLENGES OF THE Post 2008, 21st Century Challenges. The World Changed in September 11th, 2001. We are Now in The Era of the New new New World of Post 2008 Global Economic Crisis. This event was a Water Shed Event in the Annals of Time: Unless people see and understand it they won't be able to adapt accordingly and bring about the correct behavior, attitude and mind-set to make their Corporates a Successful organization in a Highly Globalized and Competitive World. Preparing the Minds to Face a New era is the Key. The Group is Planning to train 10,000 People over 20 weeks after the Gala dinner. The proceeds from the Dinner will go to selected Beneficiaries worthy of receiving a Grant of about RM200,000 each to start off a sustainable business that will be able to provide enough PROFIT to do SOCIAL WORK. This is THE DIFFERENCE. In essence: They Plan to Teach People to Fish and Feed themselves for LIFE, rather than Feed them a Fish and only Feed them for a day. So Everybody, Keep out for this Special Date with Destiny: Occasion: EMPOWERED FOR LIFE, GALA DINNER. DATE: 7th May, 2011. Time: 7.30pm VENUE: Dewan Mardi, Putrajaya, MALAYSIA


SHINE - Empowered for LIFE:

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