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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Mission: Online Activist for the Underdog

I am a self appointed Online Activist: Since October 2008

In October 2008, When for the 1st Time in 7 years George Bush was on the Headlines of our Malaysian National News Papers announcing Global Financial Catastrophe. I knew something deeper was amiss. I searched for nearly a year, no one wants to admit.
Just 5 or 6 people casually agreed. I held on to my thoughts for another year, October 2010 - I hit pay back time. I found so many facebook friends in agreement and gave me more evidence to get the full picture.

Now my Mission: Online Activist for the Underdog: Tell the World the truth to change it. Because the Main stream Media has been lying for the Last 100 years all over the world!!!!!!

If you visit my Facebook or Blog - You can get the General idea. I went through the School of Positive Thinking and Motivation in the early 1990s. I strongly feel an ingredient is missing from today's Tutorials and Only a few Motivators like Robert Kiyosaki and Mike Maloney dare to talk about it.

Malaysians and Singaporeans are still in Lullaby Land, generally speaking.
I do not blame them. The system has dulled their Minds.

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