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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Quantitative Easing Explained

Quantitative Easing Explained:

The Federal Reserve is Laundering Money:

Explaining the left-right paradigm to a co worker!:

Corporate Dominance Explained:

7 Billion of us are held captive through corporate dominance. What is Corporate Dominance ? It is the SYSTEM in which we are in. What is the SYSTEM? The Military, Industrial, Fiat, Monetary, War, Inflationary, Boom-Bust, Money-out-of-thin-Air System. What does it do? It puts People in Debt the day they are born. And Then? It makes them addicted to Money, Materialism and TV. So ? Then they believe that is True and Live by that value-culture. And Then ? The Rich Become Richer and The Poor Become Poorer. What do the Rich do with all that Money? They end up in Traffic Jams, Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Diseases, Stress, Mental Illnesses. What about the Poor? They Riot. What about the Government? They print Money to build Mightier Armies, Police and Corporations. Why ? Because they were born into the same Debt System. How do you mean? They have to borrow to build. Then who pays for it ? The Poor Pay for it. Really ? Of course, We live in a finite Socio-economic-geopolitical and Physical Eco-System. Excess of Anything will topple the Balance. What are we having Excess of ? Nuclear Bombs, Industrial Waste, Sick Politicians and their Lobbyists. What can we do ? Nothing, they call it affluence! Oh My God.!!!

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