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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Zeitgeist: Moving Forward - 2011

It is so so so obvious the present Financial System benefits Elitists and War Mongers. Without this SYSTEM wars can never be Financed. Without this SYSTEM corrupt governments cannot borrow indefinitely and pass the tax to the public and the next generation. The SYSTEM is the cause of the Rich-Poor Gap Widening for the last 100 years. Nothing Democratic about the SYSTEM. The SYSTEM nurtures riots as what is going on in Egypt now. The SYSTEM will cause chain Riots through-out USA by 2015.

Ben Bernanke's 2011 Unwritten New Year Message to the World:

We don't need any introduction so let's get straight into the core of the Money Politics Matter.
Have all the money you want to spend. Take it. Spend it. Live the American Dream.
Just remember 6 Things:

1) You are spending the world's future and your children's future.
2) The Principle of Compound interest works for Debts as it works for savings.
3) The world's oil prices will rise sharply from now on.
4) Inflation was there from the beginning of The FED in 1913.
The Problem is just that we can't cover it any more because the US Dollar is worth 1/25th of what it was worth then.
5)You all love to spend money, smoke something and Dream. That is what I am giving you.
6) So when we go Bankrupt - You go down but I go up. Just remember Life is worth more than money.

I am the doctor who gives the patient what the patient wants.
If the patient wants Euthanasia, why should I not deliver?

Dream Big. Dreams don't cause inflation, pollution or riots.
Take Care.
Happy New Year 2011,
Ben Bernanke
(Emperor of the World's Money Printing Press, The FED)

YouTube - Zeitgeist Part II: All The World's A Stage (HQ) - Shows the 9-11 WTC Collapse was staged:
Division of Labor and Money (by Hans-Hermann Hoppe)
Business Cycle Theory (by Jörg Guido Hülsmann)
Theory and History (by Hans-Hermann Hoppe)
From:Introduction to Austrian Economics
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