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Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Great Global Veil of Deceit

Wake Up! It is Time to PULL DOWN THE GREAT Global VEIL: It is time for a Global Insurrection against: Terrorist Shadow Central Off Shore Bankers; Dictators in Suit and Tie; Crooked Oligarchs; Deceitful Politicians, their Lobbyists and Cronies AND ALL SECRET SOCIETIES, CARTELS and CABALS controlling the People by Proxy.
Everybody must wake up. It is a Complete Disgrace. After 1000 years of Universities, Constitutions, Laws and 365 Global Meetings per year. Wasting Tax Payers money; 200 People's Parliaments; 40,000 Parliament Members and Congressmen, ALL THAT WE ARE HAVING IS a SYSTEM hijacked and run by Proxy, by Hidden Hands, Gangsters, Underworld, Secret Societies with the FRONT of Innocence, Truth and Justice. This is a Great Bullshit we are going to leave for posterity!

We must all Rise up Against the SYSTEM. WHAT TYPE OF SYSTEM IS THIS that allows 1 Billion People Without Food; 2 Billion People without proper Housing; 3 Billion Without Education; 4 Billion People without Health, 5 Billion People Thinking the Monetary System is Real. 6 Billion People Playing Rat Racing and Chasing Inflation and 7 Billion People with No Peace ? We MUST Tell the Governments they are NOT doing their Job and We Cannot Continue to Allow Foxes To Guard The Hen House!

Yea, We all know where this all Leads to...Bilderberg Group and the Rothschilds. But we can start by taking on the Foxes wearing Suits and Ties: By Ending The Unconstitutional FED; And, Who the hell says, there is such a thing as "Too Big To Fail." These are the fronts of the Veils the Crooks are Hiding behind. These people, to Protect Certain Oligarchs, have Hijacked the very Foundations of Reason, Logic, Justice and Human Rights!

The BilderBerg Group:

To be Banned by the US Government,
Jordan Maxwell interviewed by Project Camelot:
The American Dream:
Activist Post:

Now I know why Great Men of Perception told us stories through Fables, Parables and Allegories: BECAUSE THE GREAT GLOBAL VEIL OF DECEIT is so well knit that the general populace on the street will not SEE it until there is NO FOOD ON THEIR TABLE.

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