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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Revolution 2011 for a Fiat Global Economy

"When Money stops flowing to Main Street, Blood will start flowing on the streets." Gerald Celente, 25th Feb, 2011

We live in a Irrational Fiat Inflationary Bubble Boom-Burst Top-Down Money-out-of-thin-Air Pyramidal Ponji Predatory Shadow-Banking Casino War Economy. It is Dangerous to Human Rights, Justice and Civilization as we know it. It keeps the Poor, Poor. It makes the Rich Richer. It allows the dominance of Predators, Parasites and Dictators by Stealth, Cunning and insidiousness like Cancer. It demoralizes the Hard Working. It catches the naive unprepared. It is a Mockery to Capitalism and Democracy. It is an insult to the Intelligence of Thinking Men and Women all over the World.

The Last 1 Month was a Month of Unlimited unrest in Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Iraq, Bahrain, Iran and Wisconsin, USA. Those are just the Symptoms. In reality it is a repressed phenomenon world-wide waiting to explode like a chain of Fire-Crackers World-wide.
Last year It was Iceland, Poland, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and UK....More Riots are on the Way.

The Sooner Investors Realize Price of Oil is Being Manipulated by speculators and Cooperate to Stop Playing the Stock Market => THAT will be the True Revolution to end the Fiat-War-Inflationary Economy that is robbing humans out of their dignity like a robber in the night.

New York Plans For Possible Federal Shutdown: The city is making plans to deal with a possible shutdown of the US federal government...

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