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Saturday, February 19, 2011

The System - City of London

Our society runs on War. It is called the Military-Industrial Complex.
It is a Fiat War Infationary Boom-Bust Money-out-of thin-Air Economic System.

1 of 2 David Icke talks on Rothschild Zionsim
It is about time the Civilian People of the World come to understand that there is No such thing as a Government FOR the People. A Government unchecked constantly is a FOX created by the people to manage the HEN house.
3 Cities Rule The World

Today I watched a Documentary on BBC.
Title: The City of London: Money & Power
Salient Features Narrated were:

1) London City is Run by and belongs to Bankers and Merchants.
2) It is separated from the Royal Territory by a Pillar with a dragon on it.
3) Even the Queen must ask permission to enter that territory.
4) The Royalty borrow Money for their Rule or Conquests from the Merchants.
5) It is a symbiotic relationship. Merchants need the Royalty to mesmerize the people and keep them hoping.
6) The City runs on Greed, Gambling and Competition.
7) Financial weapons of mass destruction are created, accepted and used.
8) You Come to the City to Live by the sword and die by the sword.
9) If you Lose, there is a door, you can Leave.
10) This is the way it has been for Centuries and will always be.

I was perplexed by this Blatant Narration.
This is the same pattern copied all over the world after 1945 and the British Colonial Rule. That is why there are many riots - People are rioting against a System they did not think will come into existence over time and by stealth.

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