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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Rise of Oligopolies

The New Dark Age:

Since 1945, after the 2nd world war - it is a well known fact, Britain was Bankrupt and nearly 100 nations wanted independence. Since there was much at stake; Britain did not practice a policy of Non interference which is true INDEPENDENCE. Instead Britain reined in politicians from the respective countries and negotiated trade offs for a planned transfer of Power and Wealth.

So nearly all the Nations got a pseudo independence which seems to give power to the people but in reality is a pretext and still works hand in glove with Britain.

Britain taught the world - Government by Deception. This is happening world-wide even in USA. So negotiations and trade offs can be expected in Egypt too now. It is the way of the world. The normal citizen, bread winner and family supporter does not realize this deception and remains a poor bread winner, vulnerable to all the social, economic and political upheavals of the times.

To complete the picture:
If this were true then the British should be very Rich. But this is not the case. Only the Oligarchs, Throne and their cronies are very Rich. Britain is just a Launch Pad for a Fiat Monetary System to channel the wealth of the world to a selected elite group of Bankers, Politicians and Industrialists who control the Wealth of the World.

Since 1945, the Launch Pad was transferred to Washington DC. After 2008; Now that we are in an internet world - You can say their Launch Pad is a Virtual Entity. It is everywhere and No where at the same time.

This to my understanding is how today's Financial Hegemonic Structure is Built. Your feedback will be appreciated:

Top 1% - Super Rich
Next 24% - Comfortable in the Fiat Monetary System.
Next 25% - Chasing the Dreams of the above 25%
Next 50% - No Dreams, Not to mention other things.
And 1% of the Top 1% Super Rich are a Family of Oligopolies!

Do you see anything that likens Democracy or Capitalism here ? This is the mentally retarded system that USA is promoting. Spending $1 Trillion a year on Military and Security - Saying they are protecting the people but in reality they are protecting the Wealth of the Family of Oligopolies and the Top 25% at the Most.

(They need the Top 25% to flash on the TV Screen of what a Good job they are doing. But the Bottom 75% are in an Economic Mess and once in 4 years only their vote is needed. Even the vote can be counterfeited these days).

To Proof my Point is
1) The Baby dumping and infanticide in poor nations.
2) Increase the Number suicides in every nation.
Malaysia it is 2 to 4 a Day. Japan it is 1,500 per month
3)Increase in the cases of Anxiety, Depression, Stress and their related psychosomatic diseases like Cancer, Heart attack and Diabetes. 1 in 2 persons in the Developed world.

How is that people are not aware of these things?
Very simple spend less TV time and Media space on these matters.

The End of Poverty
Michel Chossudovsky: The Destructive Nature of the Global Economic System: g

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