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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

1st Anniversary of Buyer Be Aware Blog

The Dollar Bubble

This Month is the 1st Anniversary of The Blog:
Buyer Be Aware - Global Economics and You
I really learnt a lot about the Economy, Politics, Social and Environmental
Conditions while blogging. What you see is Not what it seems.

To begin with we must know our self. The better we know our self, the
better will be our responses to life and the environment.

Nothing is absolutely right or wrong. We just do not have that gracious
capacity to be absolutely right. Our wiring is defective and our programming
is subnormal. Meaning - if we are not groomed properly by experts from birth
the chances of a lower nature manifesting is very high. 90% of us do not
have this privilege in life.

So how can men with a lower nature create a better world? Naturally every
good invention will be used for an evil motive.

We can produce graduates. But can we develop Ethics?
We can buy doctors. But can we implement morals?
We can organize scientists. But can we instill Peace?

I hope this Blog will reveal to you the cliff hanger lifestyle we are living in
so that you can take appropriate long term survival strategies FOR YOURSELF.
We live in a rambunctious real time internet world. Discernment, wisdom,
deduction and decision making are vital for the survival of modern man.

The Media say, "recessions come and recessions go" as if recessions were a drizzle.
The Truth is each time a Global Economic Recession happens, the average
man's rice-bowl is displaced; 200 million people world-wide loose their jobs
giving room for a new set of people to get jobs. This may look fair until
we take into account that there exists an influential global elite class of
people who never have to undergo the pangs and rearrangements of a recession.

Also be aware, although we experienced recessions in 1977, 1987, 1997 and 2007,
what is blatantly clear is that the impact and magnitude of each of these recessions were
greater, further and wider than the previous one. If regulations are not implemented
immediately it will not take a genius to predict a looming Global Depression in 2017.

These elite are not Government Leaders but work through government leaders
and bankers building, shifting and destroying societies, industries and nations
as if they were sand castles and the people were ants.

How many people are aware that in the last 100 years, 100 million people
have died in WARS; 50 governments have been secretly over thrown and that
there are 30 more globally prevalent diseases now than there was in 1950.
I may not be far from the truth - if I were to say, "There exists a Military-
Industrial-Banking-Complex with the capability to engineer economic or
physical disaster and catastrophe on the global scale." If this were not true,
ask your self - "why then are there literally 1000s of websites by world renown
societies, noble prize winners and prominent academicians, making the clarion
call that the world is on annihilation mode unless massive regulations are
immediately ?"

If the average Man's mind is only tuned to strive to provide for the family.;
how can such a mind coexist with the globalist mindset that is striving for
world domination ? Obviously there is a breach of social contract and some
people are controlling others by playing by one set of rules on top of the
table and another set of rules under the table.

Over the last 200 years the world has grown accustomed to money, oil,
electricity, swift massive transportation and the internet. We cannot turn the
clock back and start life on farms but we can moderate and regulate the advancement of
civilization to have a balance between the green life and the brick and mortar life.

This can only be Possible by Educating people on:
1) What is a Human Being?
2) What is a Farm ?
3) What is Technology, Industry and Urbanization?
4) What is Business?
5) What is Environment ?
6) What is Sustainability ?

Thanks to the internet, social media websites and some courageous people who are
risking their lives to educate the masses, we have a chance to win back the freedom
and peace that we are dreaming about, such as family, work and human rights
that the globalists plan to hijack.

I hope this website: Buyer Be Aware: will
prod you to a life long journey of learning.

I hope each and everyone of you will become wise and discerning and the
more watchful each and everyone is, the less can the elite use deception,
manipulation and lies to achieve their own conniving agenda of world domination.

Best Wishes in your Journey.

David Jeremiah

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