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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Strikes Paralyze Greece

Every day new Economic threats are being uncovered. Nothing is being done about it. Then, after 5 years, some government aide will appear on the media and announce – “THE PERFECT STORM”, as if there weren’t sufficient warning signs !
S & P Stocks way ahead of Real Economy:

Max Keiser on Inside Story - Greek Debt Crisis - (1/2)
Niall Ferguson, Greek Crisis Will Grip Whole Western World (NWO ECONOMICS SERIES/ Greek Debt)
Marc Faber, On Greece Bailouts, Market Correction (NWO ECONOMICS SERIES/ Greek Debt Crisis)
YouTube - Wayne Paul The USA has been bankrupt since 1933!!:
USA Bankrupt:

Britain's Awful Election:.....
Why the Euro Is Falling: Why the single currency is doomed...
Greek Money Mystery: How Greek savers are choosing to flee the worst currency crisis in three decades..
Gold: The Ultimate Currency Hedge: Nothing works like gold when you need to hedge against your own currency...
\"The Greatest Fraud in History\": Debunking the precious-metals fear mongering campaign... ...

All You Need is Money: Why more money actually makes poor people poorer... I AM HAPPY TO note that the Tea Party, ...
Countries That Are Running Out Of Oil:

Gallup Poll: 9 Out of 10 Americans Say Secure the Border This Year:
Prediction in 2010:
U.S.- "People are sick of being stuck in the traffic":
S &P Stocks ahead of Real Economy:
The new world order conspiracy movie:

American Workers Outsourcing Own Jobs Overseas:
Man Attempts To Assassinate Obama, 'B... (2:33)


Depression & Revolution coming to America?:
Matt Taibbi: Goldman, Naked
The Ghost of Altantuya: Enough evidence to launch Scorpene probe ...:
vonniihad April 02, 2010!STOP SECRETS!
Instructions: (starting group/country)

Official Statement Stop secrets on Planet Earth on Vimeo.mp4
World wide Protest! Official Statement Stop secrets on Planet Earth:

hijackednation June 29, 2009 It makes me sick how job outsourcing and trade are a secondary topic in this PATRIOT movement .
Outsourcing Jobs from overseas:
Eliot Spitzer - The Fed is a Ponzi scheme,

More American Workers Outsourcing Own Jobs Overseas:
Dr. Paul Samuelson Nobel Prize Economist:
Where Nobel Economists Put Their Money
The inevitable collapse of the dollar:
David Walker - The U.S. Economy is Unsustainable:

United States economy in 2009 2010 and 2011:

Prediction in 2010:
We Are Change Glasgow - Christmas Edition:
YouTube - The 2012 NWO Agenda 1/12:
NWO From The Mouths of The Elite:

Trailer for "The New World Order":
JFK - Exposing the New World Order
Invisible Empire:A New World Order Defined(Full Movie)
The new world order conspiracy movie:

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