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Sunday, May 16, 2010

World War II Conference, KLCC

Welcome WW2:
Eros Effect - George Katsiaficas:
Against the Grain: A Program about Politics, Society and Ideas:

We noticed a US citizen got visibly worked up because he heard Prof.George K. criticize US. This shows how unaware US citizens are of how the US government is engineering deception, manipulation and Wars. 10% of USA is living on Food Stamps.
50% of the US citizens are as ignorant of the deception of US Government as the people in Asia. We have no choice, we have to educate our Self.

Sites Recommended by Prof.Albert Jansen on the emerging New World Order: (go for additionals on mindcontrol searching this site)

Global Future Institute:
Dr Rima - The Globalist Agenda:
Ron Paul on Squawk Box, Monday Morning
The Five Wars US Is Fighting in Muslim Countries by Glenn Greenwald:
What Has Government Done to Our Money? (Chapter 4, Part 1/5) by Murray N. Rothbard:

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