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Friday, May 14, 2010

Peter Schiff

"America faces a ticking time bomb that is going to explode in the next few years. Washington's profligate ways have run up an unsustainable $13 trillion debt, and there will be an economic collapse far more spectacular that what we've already seen if we do not act immediately. Don't let Washington insiders fool you. The economic growth we've seen this year is phony - it's based on consumption and debt financing. If we do not put an end to Congress' spending spree, there will be an economic catastrophe that dwarfs the 2009 recession. And I can promise you that the federal government is responsible for the financial crisis that continues to plague our country." Peter Schiff . 14th May, 2010

Mark my words... The bond market will collapse. The value of the dollar will plunge. Interest rates will rise. There will be runaway inflation and unemployment. And the only way to prevent this is to get government spending under control." Peter Schiff on 14th May, 2010

Peter Schiff 2010:
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The Illusion of Control « The Hole In Our Gospel:
I liked Richard Stearn’s book – The Hole in our Gospel for the up to date report on the Real condition of the World today after 65 years of United Nations Presence. Obviously we live in a worse world in 2010 than in say 1965 because the catastrophes of today are largely man-made while the catastrophes of 1965 were largely uncontrollable. We can’t depend on God for this because effectively we have decided NOT to depend on HIM by depending on Money, Technology and Oil. All of us included. Through – Money, Technology and Energy – our lives are being engineered by Global Elite Powers who have shot a Big Hole in Our Gospel and are eroding our liberty every day of the year.

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