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Sunday, May 2, 2010

FIAT Currency, Fake Economy

Why should any ony think that we are in a REAL World ? This world did not exist 150 years ago. Neither can it exist for another 50 years ! We were just passing a blip in the great passage of Time. The accent of Money grew with the Rise of Oil in the last 150 years. We are over the hill with oil. With the passing of oil there will be a paradigm shift in our lifestyle, mindset and its geopolitics. The Foundation for all activity in today's world is energy from oil. Remove oil, you remove electricity and we are back to the dark ages.

The Person who has Control over your source of Oil, Electricity and Water is the Person who controls your growth and life. We are powerless - and no more Free. At the click of a mouse every dream conceived by the average person can be erased. Why not ?

It is funny how people developed a something for nothing mentality. This Mentality is actually an old American marketing trick of “bait and switch”. It is time people got wary of this “FREE” business. We have encouraged it and now we are debating whether public or private sector is better paid. Whether it is physical, mental or spiritual there is no such thing as FREE LUNCH. If you don’t pay for it, your boss is paying for it , your children are paying for it or somebody from Iraq, India or Malaysia is paying for it !

Power of Prophecy: Texe Marrs:
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Rothschild's Choice part 1 of 10

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John Pilger on Obama and US foreign policy:
John Pilger - Obama and Empire: | Daily news
Capitalism is not sustainable The message of John Bellamy Foster's book of essays is that we need to put an end to the profit system in order to heal the
environmental crisis.
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Why Iraq? Noam Chomsky ½

Failed Times Square bombing labeled "act of terrorism."
The U.S. Government created the Haiti 7.0 earthquake
Truth TV World News: TruTHTVSpokaneWA
Massive government corruption hidden by focus on Goldman-Sachs
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Buffett and execs blame Goldman turmoil on faulty regulation

Euro partners agree on US$145bil Greek bailout
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Understanding deep Politics:

Cut Spending, End the Income Tax, Bring the Troops Home!

SEC Found No Sign 9/11 Conspirators Traded on Plot
about 15 hours ago
Lew Rockwell
How to Survive the Collapse of Civilization! -

So this is what change looks like:
7Figure-Website-Building. Here is How:
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God's Plan to Protect His People in the Coming Depression -David R. Wilkerson:

Real list of countries on verge of bankruptcy | 2010:
This List was expected next considering the onslaught of news for the last two years. First we had the Foreclosure of Houses, Then Banks Closed, naturally the closure of Countries will follow. Any one looking for a solution ? Here is the Man: Ron Paul – Cut Spending, End the Income Tax, Bring the Troops Home!

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