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Monday, May 10, 2010

The 7 Levels of Slavery & the Super Rich

Gerald Celente - 05 Apr 2010 - Economic Forecast:
Economic collapse predicted years ago who:
YouTube - The End Times !:
"Where Does the Money Go?" National Debt - Bill Moyers:
US National Debt - $10 trillion. To whom do Americans owe it ? :
- 50 mins

The Present Distribution of Wealth Hegemony:
Global Population: 6.72 Billion
Level 1: 1 Billion People: Starving for Food
Level 2: 1 Billion People: Living on Less than $10/- per day.
Level 3: 1 Billion People: Living on $10/- per day.
Level 4: 1 Billion People: Living on $ 20/- per day.
Level 5: 1 Billion People: Living on $ 40/- per day.
Level 6: 1 Billion People: Living on $ 60/- per day.
Level 7: 0.7 Billion People: Living The Materialism-Capitalism Dream of more than $100 per day.
Level 8: About 200,000 People owning 50% the Wealth of the World.
Conspiracy of the Rich: The 8 New Rules of Money:

50% the World Population - lives below the poverty line.
People in the Developing world will do work for 10% the Cost of a similar job in the Western World.
Since 1995, the World has been riding Bubbles.
The 1st Major Bubble was the Dot Com Bubble in 2000.
Then the Housing Bubble of 2005.
Now we are riding the Bailout Bubble in 2010.

Bubbles are caused by a Wall Street Mentality - meaning people actually believe it is possible to only invest money and get returns on investments for an unlimited time. This Mentality is straight out of the pit of Hell. People fueled Wall Street and Wall Street fueled people allowing the exponential growth of bubbles. Governments just play along with what is acceptable within a reasonable level of tolerance.

The advent of 21st Century Globalization and the expansion of the global internet era just sped up every conceivable error in the system and brought them all to a head to create - "The Perfect Storm" and "The Lost Decade". Now that the twin evils of 1)Printing Money and 2)Bailout Mania are known to everyone together with the other twin evils of 1) Increasing Rich-Poor Gap 2)Existence of a Global Super Rich Elite Oligopolic Class, we just have to allow things to pan out.

This panning out could have begun in 1995 but the Bubble Era was created instead. Now we have to wait 15 years before we know what holds water and what does not.

Real Growth has certain inalienable factors: 1) Good Environment 2) Population Growth 3)Inventions 4)Need 5)Management. So because of these we see Real Growth up to 1995. We had the Transport, Communication, Construction, Education, Health Farms, Plantations and Minerals all sustain the Economy with some Real Supply and Demand Issue.

Even if the Printing of money existed since 1913 by the Federal Reserve it was relatively low compared to the expansion of Markets and Population.

Only some people knew the books were not balancing. So a new machine was set up - "The Great American Bubble Machine" of marketing through hype, perception and imagery. It was relatively possible to pay people worthless printed money; sell them an image; and collect interest on debt. This was the downfall of Mankind! This is nothing but trickery. We have unwittingly accepted the rubbish paper as something worthwhile. When there is more of Money than 1)Inventions 2) Need 3) Population Growth 4) Good Environment and 5)Regulation - It is a Picture of Evil overtaking Good. The Result is The Global Economic Meltdown.

With one Century and 5 Generations only knowing such a system is it possible to revert to a balanced and regulated system? Not in 30 years! So was the bailout the right thing to do ? Yes, it was the right thing to do. But, should only the "too big to fail" be bailed out? Of course NOT. It is like rewarding the robber. At least Heads of CEOs should have rolled to signify that rules, laws and order should not be manipulated and should be up held. If the Pillar does not stand, how can the house?

Can this be corrected? My guess is YES - IF, the next 30 years is spent doing more of the right things like we did between 1945 and 1975 - the 3 decades of The Glory of Capitalism and Democracy.

There is really Nothing Else we can do except do other then the stupid thing of going to War.

The end of the American Consumer and Bretton Woods
Jordan Maxwell - Secret Illuminati Symbols:
YouTube - John F. Kennedy exposes the Illuminati:
Jeffrey Grupp :"Corporatism"The Secret Government of the New World Order":
YouTube - Oooopppss!:

I liked Richard Stearn’s book – "The Hole in our Gospel" for the up to date report on the Real condition of the World today after 65 years of United Nations Presence. Obviously we live in a worse world in 2010 than in say 1965 because the catastrophes of today are largely man-made while the catastrophes of 1965 were largely uncontrollable. We can’t depend on God for this because effectively we have decided NOT to depend on HIM by depending on Money, Technology and Oil. All of us included. Through – Money, Technology and Energy – our lives are being engineered by Global Elite Powers who have shot a Big Hole in Our Gospel and are eroding our liberty every day of the year.

YouTube - How the wealthiest American make money:
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The only two sources of competitive advantage for Any business.
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