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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Rigged Market Capitalism

Market commentators are fond of talking about “free market capitalism,” but according to Wall Street commentator Max Keiser, it is no more. It has morphed into what his TV co-host Stacy Herbert calls “rigged market capitalism”: all markets today are subject to manipulation for private gain.
Max Keiser/: Ellen Brown - Stock Market Collapse: More Goldman Market Rigging?
Computerized Front Running and Financial Fraud:

YouTube - Economic Collapse: Robert Kiyosaki:
YouTube - Shun the Banksters - Catherine Austin Fitts:
Slideshow: Where the $1 Million Foreclosure Homes Are:
US Faces Same Economic Woes As Greece: Marc Faber
Marc Faber: US govt will go bankrupt

2/23/10 Hannity Special "Generation Zero" Part 2
Generation F: The final generation - Are you ready?? Part 1 of 3
Hyperinflation Nation Part 2/3
Joseph: king of dreams part 1/8
Fastest Growing City in the World! Dubai in 2006:

Lost generation? U.S. grads work for free, look abroad
YouTube - Alan Keyes: The Truth About Obama:
5/6/10 Marc Faber on Bloomberg: Plunge Caused by Market Rising
Flint: The Hallmark of America's Economic Crisis
China, the US and the Economic Crisis - Niall Ferguson

Daily Paul: Dylan nails the bankers again!
Daily Paul Video- Brian Williams: "The world has no money, and the Emperor has no clothes.": ...
YouTube - Oooopppss!:
YouTube - Oooopppss!:
YouTube - Oooopppss!:
Gaining Financial Independence:

YouTube - THIMK:
YouTube - THIMK:
YouTube - THIMK:
YouTube - THIMK:
YouTube - Howard Davidowitz:
CAUGHT ON TAPE !!! Bush Using Pres. Johnson's "Surge" Pitch ...

Why Martin Wolf is cautious about global economic recovery
Martin Wolf on the Pharmaceutical Industry
of Blackstone,Peter Peterson, is the chairman of the CFR). An oligopoly of global elitist cults use puppet enemies, wars, fear and "Doublethink" ...
YouTube - The Most Terrifying Video You'll Ever See:
Economic Collapse: Robert Kiyosaki Says The Worst To Come: Depression Or


Gerald Celente, Bob Chapman, Glenn Beck Explain The Coming Depression:
YouTube - A NEW DOLLAR from the fed banks is Underway:
Economic Forecast 2010 1/16:
YouTube - Alex Jones - Brainwashing and Propaganda on TV p1:

Shunning the Banksters
- Catherine Austin Fitts :

Alan Watt: New World Order Exposed:
Jim Rogers, Greece's economic crisis (UNDERSTANDING NWO
Nouriel Roubini - successfully predicted the collapse of the US-dominated financial system years in advance - discusses the financial ...
A student questions Rubin if the US could become a 'latin american economic' look-a-like?

Conversations with History - Niall Ferguson
Harvard Prof. Niall Ferguson on Decline of America and Rise of a New Global Economic Order 3/3
Niall Ferguson, Greek Crisis Will Grip Whole Western World
Niall Ferguson On US Deficit - Bloomberg:

"It will take 5 Billion People 1 year to just pay the debt of 300 Million Americans."
$78.8 Trillion; United States Debt Obligations exceed world GDP:

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