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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Marc Faber, Jim Rogers

"All we need is the right major crisis and the world will accept the New World Order." David Rockerfella

Welcome WW2
2/23/10 Hannity Special "Generation Zero" Part 1

The Meltup

A Marc Faber Blog:
Marc Faber-China Bubble - 1/13/2010:
marcfaberreport - Youtube
Marc Faber: CNBC Interview May 7, 2010:
China will Slow Down - Marc Faber on CNBC 17 Feb 2010:

Max Keiser News Blog:

We must stay connected to disseminate the vital information we have
to the grass root. The strongest armourment we have today against
war mongers and deceivers is the power of numbers through the internet.

Please visit/learn/forward/follow/share/comment:

Global Economics and You:

The 5 steps to kill the people is build, destroy, rescue, enslave and then kill.
1) Build the People
2) Destroy the People
3) Rescue the People
4) Enslave the People
5) Kill the People
This is the way of deception and manipulation by the Ultra Rich Oligopolies who
not only engineer Wars but have been financing both sides of every major war
in the last 200 years, while appearing to be uninvolved and innocent themselves.

These 5 steps are more vicious, effective and subtle than the direct kill method.
History is the proof of it!

Nearly 50 - 3rd World Governments have been toppled directly or indirectly
by USA and 50 million would have lost their lives in wars over the last 65 years.
World War 3 - took place without 2 generations knowing about it!
Prof. George K. would be able to testify to this without exaggerating.

I belief - there is an urgency for the world to be awakened to reality - including
the citizens of USA - who do not know they are being controlled by a "Hidden Hand". I have researched this matter and several organizations within and without USA are actively uncovering the truth.

However, this matter is not spoken openly in Asia because of possible covert
links with the global elitist for "hot money" to use the term of Prof. Albert.
People must become aware that Mother Nature plays by the rules and it is only
so much nonsense she can take. It is urgent that people are told the truth about the world condition and the impending outcome in 20 years time. Let them choose after that!

Those going to be most affected will the younger generation; now perhaps 35 years and younger. Let us not leave a broken and burdened world to them while the baby-boomers and elitists killed the golden goose!

Everything is Connected: War - Economy - Banks - Government - Technology - Media -
Corporations - deregulation - Unemployment - Rich.Poor Gap - Starvation - Human Trafficking.

View You Tube: 2/23/10 Hannity Special "Generation Zero" Part 1

The Finance Cow
The IMF Channel:
The Larouche webcast 12of21:
Paul Roberts - The End of Food
The End of Food by Paul Roberts :

Who do we want to go to war with?: Operating expenditure for defence in 2009 was RM10.65 bil...
World Islamic Economic Forum Foundation:
The Illusion of Control « The Hole In Our Gospel:
The Coming Economic Depression 2010:
YouTube - Howard Zinn:

Lisbon Treaty:
Facebook | Alex Jones:

Please watch my brief lecture on the Globalist Agenda and then share it with everyone you know:

Global Future Institute:
Joseph Meyer - Bank Holiday soon:
Straight Money Analysis:

YouTube - David.Icke Explains What is Money:
Lindsey Williams - Frightening Economic Forecasts:
Euro Dollar Collapse? How about North America? - Like the Tower of Babel
Jim Rogers and Marc Faber on the economic crisis Dutch TV:
Money, Banking and the Federal Reserve:
Generation Zero:
Fox News dis...
YouTube - Holy Shit: "Zeitgeist The Movie":
LRC Blog: To Protect and Subdue
George Carlin on Religion:

George Carlin on Religion and God:
Why JFK was killed, and why it still matters:
Citizens United President David N. Bossie:
Generation Zero
George Carlin Philosophy: The End of America and Social Stratification:

Who Will Replace the U.S. Consumer -
Budget black holes, debt discovered in UK
What Has Government Done to Our Money? Part 1/5) by Murray N. Rothbard:
"War without Borders": Obama's "Long War" By Michel Chossudovsky :

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