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Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Bankruptcy of USA

The Bankruptcy of The United States - James Traficant:
The Great Bankruptcy of the United States of America:
British Monarchy is a corporation US is a Corporation not a Country. :
YouTube - THIMK:
YouTube - THIMK :
YouTube - THIMK:
YouTube - THIMK:

YouTube - THIMK:

YouTube - THIMK:
YouTube - THIMK:
YouTube - THIMK:

The American Empire is Bankrupt
30 Little Known Facts about America
YouTube - World economic collapse on Going but manageable:
YouTube - International Financial Cartel explained by a Genius 2 of 2:
YouTube - Glenn Beck- Printing Money is immoral!:

500 bank failures by the end of 2010 -

YouTube - HS Dent Coming Great Depression:
Harry S. Dent Inspired Economic Predictions For 2010
March 2010 Market Update by Harry S. Dent
YouTube - Bruce Fenton: The Economy and Big Picture Trends (Part 1/4):

LRC Blog: Unlimited Access
Atlantic Financial; The World is Changing:
Fenton Report – Globalization:
Lost Generation | Fenton Report
YouTube - Fastest Growing City in the World! Dubai in 2006:

YouTube - USA broke like Japan & Zimbabwe:

YouTube - Gerald Celente, Bob Chapman, Glenn Beck Explain The Coming Depression:
Understanding the Post World War II Era:

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