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Monday, May 3, 2010

List of Countries on the Verge of Bankruptcy

It is Mathematically impossible to supply enough oil and electricity for the Cities in 50 years time for 10 Billion People. So you can imagine a nation has to choose between Non-Bankruptcy and hyperinflation or No Oil and No Electricity. Which do we choose ? For how long does the Government propose to fool the people ? We are not in the 11th hour for global warming – We are in the 11th hour to provide safe and cheap energy to a global civilization that has got dependent on it. YouTube – The Most IMPORTANT Video You’ll Ever See (part 1/8): – Dr. Albert A. Bartlett’s

All countries on path to bankruptcy |2010:
Real list of countries on verge of bankruptcy | 2010:
Key 9/11 witness "commits suicide":
  1. Eight European Countries Charging Off A Sovereign Debt Cliff In 2010 Half of the Eurozone’s sixteen economies are at risk of becoming ‘unsustainable’, essentially bankrupt....
  2. Pakistan on verge of bankruptcy
  3. Latin American countries feeling the pinch of depression
  4. Destroying National Jobs by Out- sourcing:
  5. Which alternative energy source is best for Malaysia?:

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