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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Coming Soon - A New World Currency

"One Sound idea is all that a person needs to succeed." Napoleon Hill

"The UN Security Council is like a sword above our neck." Muammar Gadaffi

The Pope has talked for a New World Order, The Russian President has a shown the G8 what a supernational currency will look like. Please Follow the Following You Tube report which is got from Bloomberg.

New World Currency I
New World Currency II
Climate depot
Climate Depot -
Save Wildlife
NAM in Egypt 2009
Experience Wildlife
Russia, Iraq call for fair new world order from: @NWOTruth
Waiting Game
Replace the Dollar
New Financial Crisis
World Climate Report http://www.worldclimaterepo...
1 Malaysia Foundation
Cato Institute
New World Currency Coin
Tom Nelson http://www.tomnelson.blogsp...
US Government Fraud
Lessons From Greed
Senator Robert Casey
Canadian Prime Minister Stephens Harper
Dollar on the G-8 Agenda

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