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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Global Urban Poverty

"It is difficult to make a man understand something when his salary depends on his NOT understanding it." Unton Sinclair

Any discerning man or woman who studies this Chapter on Global Urban Poverty will understand and be struck by the Reality Check that The World has got NO INTEREST IN REDUCING THE POOL-SIZE of POVERTY. Infact there is a hidden agenda to ensure Poverty because it is a Human Resource to the RICH !

FACT: It will only take 1% of the Global GDP to solve the menace of Poverty. However, any student of the Politics of Poverty will realise that this "business" does not help the Tax Payer, Governments, Private sector and those who need a steady supply of WORKERS ( Read it as Slaves). Infact a steady supply of starving must be maintained in the world so that the Working Class read the message on the wall "To accept the meagre salary they are paid." You can talk and know about Great Modern terminology like, "Quality of Life", "Cost of Living", "Relativity" and "Perception" but it remains fixed that if you have no authority, your knowledge is worthless.

So if "that knowledge" is worthless to the worker it follows suit that it is also worthless to Governments NOT aligned to the whims of America and its most favoured G8 nations. The Developed world has developed a subtle Reward and Punishment Global system to enslave the Developing world to the selfish beck and call of developed nations. Every 8 years it cracks the whip of tumbling the stock markets, hiking food and energy prices without a corresponding increase in wages and ensuring sufficient pictures of poverty and WAR are on display like Fireworks so that the masses - Hoi Polloi - Get the idea on "How to Behave" or risk the worse of 2 evils and starve.

I take my hats out to the Global Aristocratic Super Rich for master minding the Global Slavery Economic Plan. You can call it a Poverty Chain or Slavery Ladder which is nothing but a corrupted Global Hegemony with USA at the pinnacle. Nobody can pin down USA because they have dirtied every nations hands over the last 65 years in the name of "DEVELOPMENT".This is the Greatest Challenge of the 21st Century - Subtle deterioration of the Lives of Billions at the same time Billions are being clothed in wanton luxury, hubris and immorality.

As long as mankind desires unethical slavery please do not expect other situations like, Brain Drain, Climate Change, Pollution, Food shortage, Economic Crisis to improve. The Cycle of disasters will only get Bigger and wider until no one can stand it any longer, not even the Earth.

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