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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Conserve our Planet

Natural disasters cost lives… and they cost a great deal of money, US$ 232 billion in 2008 alone. Nature Inc. finds out how much better off we are – and safer – in places where natural barriers to disaster remain intact, where forested slopes prevent mudslides and flash floods and coral reefs and mangroves weaken tsunamis. The Cost of the Global Ecosystems is USD 2.3 Trillion

"Perhaps the global recession has made viewers more aware of the ‘eco’ in economics", says Lamb.

As IUCN Director General, Julia Marton Lefevre says in STANDING PROFITS, the 5th in the current series, "The crisis in nature is the real credit crunch."

To shift the world's economies away from their present emphasis on infinite economic growth and toward a focus on sustainable human well being.

Nairobi, 16 February 2009
- One third of the around $2.5 trillion-worth of planned stimulus packages should be invested on 'greening' the world economy. This would assist in powering the global economy out of recession and onto a Green, 21st century path a new report released today by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) says.
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