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Thursday, July 23, 2009

END GAME - Take Action !

"If you Do what you can, with what you have, now, You can change the circumstances of yourself and the World."

I am trying to end this Blog. Now is your Turn, Participate. Take affirmative action. All you have to do is :
Please visit 21st July, 2009 Posting. Read the declaration: Start a Blog. Copy and Paste the Declaration on to your Blog. Enter your name, city and country. Then inform 5 of your friends to do the same. If you have NO Time, just e-mail, with your name, city, Country ( better with 5 e-mails) . I will set up the Blog for You.

What will these Blogs do? The Purpose is to change the Global Economic System one Person at a time Through Blogging. Once a critical mass is got, Politicians and the "Untouchable elite" sitting in ivory towers will come down to Earth to face Reality - God Willing.

Heist The Movie. Heist!
The Trillion dollar Heist
Warning alert to all American Patriots
Gallup Poll
More Corruption Revealed
Americans are afraid of the Fear Machine
Obama's USD 10 Trillion Healthcare Menu
Shut up sit down and Listen !
USD 15 Billion Donation to Bank of America
Obama's Dream
Yes, You can do what ?
Illegal Acts:
Bombay Bombing
The President's Healthcare Lunacy
William Armstrong

Thank You for your Cooperation. The Future of our Children is in your hands. We have to stop playing "good guys" while these glib tongued Global Robbers steal the world from under our feet !

Keep Calm. But Do your Part. Have a Good Day ! Till we meet again. David Jeremiah

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