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Friday, July 3, 2009

New Economic Model

I am not an Economist trained in the regular Way and I am not ashamed to say that because all the so called learned, educated and wise people of this world have got a whole sheet of red only to show after 65 years. Obviously the Goodness of the Bretton Woods Conference in 1945 has run its course, served its purpose and has run out of Value.

I firmly say this because in the last 65 years the world of progress was initiated by flushing it with money. This was thought to be necessary at that time because the imbalance in the distribution of wealth seemed to have driven nations to take arms against each other to the point of creating World War II. However, today we are flushing money because the people have grown dependent on it that they do not know what to do without it and Governments and Multinationals DO NOT KNOW what to do without it because that is not taught in the MBA course !

Today we see a world rife with corruption because MONEY was used as the trigger or starter to development. Herein lies the answer to the New Economic model. Money should not be used as the starter to success. Money must be the Result or Fruit of a JOB well done. While this principle is used in the private sector it has obviously not been applied in the Governments, Global and Multinational sectors.

Isn't it a wonder why the average Joe is unable to comprehend The System? 1st average Joe must know that he lives by Natural Laws while Governments succeed by Man-made Laws. So every time Average Joe who is schooled by nature tries his hand at the man-made system HE FAILS. But that is exactly what the System wants so that the wealth of the Poor may be tranfered to the already Rich.

He doesn't even realise the man-made system is there only to distract him from his mundane life and destroy it. It would have been better if HE who knows nothing about the "Big Bullies" and just kept himself to his own natural way. The only trouble is Big Bully keeps barging into his Life through the Media, Salesmen, Roadshows, direct selling and insidously through his wife and children too!! So does average Joe have another way? No, there is no alternative, YET.

To this day it is a highly debatable topic whether the borrowing of Trillions by developing countries over the last 65 years has benefited the ruling class or the people. Because in the end the Ruling class gets to keep the wealth but the people get to keep the debt. The stories of such atrocities is well documented in every country on earth and is not the scope of this website. The Purpose of this website is to make 1 Billion Consumers World-wide to rise up above their lower nature and announce it to the world through blogging. One man by one man standing up and reiterating the Words, "Yes, I Can." for himself and having no need for an OBAMA to say for us, " Yes We Can."

When the ruling class realise we are not that stupid, only then they will start behaving themselves and start fighting for the people because then demands are at a whole new enlightened level. Then the people are saying, "We are ready for the New Economic Model." "We are ready to take arms against our own human gullibility and vulnerability."

The First, thing that must be done to create the New Economic Model is (1) to FORM an Alternative to the present economic model just as there is Alternative Medicine (2) People must be informed that the Present Economic Model is NOT useful for all purposes and has limits. (3) Since the vulnerability of the world is the vulnerability of the individual, the people must be well informed of their rights, capabilities and weaknesses that all humans are party to. (4) People must be informed of their right to choose (5) People must be informed in no uncertain terms, The level of their Responsibility is the level of their Freedom. And that there are no free lunches except for those who have been marginalised in the last 65 years to narrow the GAP between the haves and havenots. (6) Consumers must be protected by Predatorial Commercial tactics that invade a man's privacy and destroy his Home and Life. i.e. overt commercial tactics, easy credit schemes and Mega sales Programmes must be curbed so that man can have some space without commerce. Global Commerce and Marketing has invaded Nations through invation of the individual multiplied a billion times and all condoned by callous and corrupt or naive Governments of developing Countries. (7) Stringent regulation must be made on SALES. (8) People need Balance and need to know what that means (9) People need Safety and need to know what that means in the Context of a Life, Globalisation and Physical Environment. (10) People need Happiness which comes from within and so a limit must be put on Invasion and intrusion by the so called Mr.West Know All .

What seems Good is not what is Best always. The Human mind is motivated by pressure and habits. If for 3 Generations a race is suppressed it is difficult to change that in 30 years! Money by itself is like casting pearls before swines or giving a flower to a monkey !

"The Life Blood of a Nation is not Money, it is Savings." Peter Schiff

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