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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Doomsday or Darkest before Dawn Theory

I have been blogging now for 3 months. As a person who was keen on historical, global and international issues from my young days and following up in the last 10 years after dismal experiences in my business I can now lay to rest my guilt and shame for not succeeding in this World. I was raised to grow up proper and all I thought was if I took care of a wife and 2 children with a small business everything from cradle to grave should work out more or less OK. However, that is only fairy tale thinking. In the Real World - You do not find your dream other-half and Your career is meant to be your rice bowl which a 100 others are eyeing that if you do not form social and psychological ways to protect and increase it - YOU WILL DIE STANDING.

So, if you made it from cradle to Grave successfully, Congratulations. It does not mean you were just plain lucky or dishonest. It could have meant the System was meant for People such as You. Congratulations - You are Blessed, You live a charmed life. However, if you are among the 50% of the Urbanites who cannot understand how you got into a mess while just trying to be honestly human, Please go back to the 1st Page of this Blog and enjoy the Journey. I have just saved you the exasperating pain of 10 years of Thinking, Reading and Searching for a real genuine cause for the Mess you are in, which even your mother or wife will not understand if YOU tell them.

In my case the whole Global Economy had to collapse before my family could come close to understanding my situation. There must be at least 200 Million people out there like me - trapped - caught between a Rock and a hard place. 15 Million homes will undergo foreclosure in USA in 2009. About 10 Million Americans lost their Jobs in the Last 2 years. 3 million more are expected to lose their jobs in the next 6 months. Possibly 200 Million people world-wide are walking around unhappy that they have to be economically down graded inspite of their sincerity in the last 2 years. 3 Billion People world wide live Below the Poverty Line. 1 Billion People globally have insufficient bare Necessities of Food, clothes and Lodging.

At the other end of the Spectrum 0.1% (about 6 Million) of the world live in Aristocratic Super Rich Class, 1 Billion seemed to have well adapted to the American Hegemonic System by linking to where the money lies ( This is a fictitious Growth and Development; Better to call it "Pipe-Line" - as it is just a way of shunting wealth by creating laws and artificial bareers ! ). Another 2.7 Billion are in the Rat Race using tooth and dagger styles that even priests of any religion cannot be counted holy because of the scale of corruption. A normal picture of career climbing is "a dog eat dog world".

Banks are closing but cleverly pictured as Restructuring so that the Rich can remain Rich inspite of their faults. Multinational Coperates are cracking at the seams but well sounding words like " mergers" are used so that the defaulted status Quo can still walk away clean with their booty of wealth inpite of their irresponsibilty.

If the Recovery package style business is supposed to be executed, about USD 30 Trillion will be needed globally over the next 10 - 20 years to set the system back on track and that too with no Guarantees. To put it bluntly, every child born into this world will be indebted to the System unless his father is an Oligarch who has secretly robbed the world to store wealth for his children.

The cold truth of the matter is that the Present Capitalistic System is not Man and Nature Friendly. It is a greed based culture moving forward by a system of subtle or overt extortion and exploitation. The" cure" (Economic Stimulus) is like giving chemotherapy to a Cancer patient. When a ship is sinking you do not build another ship on top of the present ship, the new ship will also go down.( However some Institutions have such vested interests that even if the Earth Burns it is not more important than to be RICH and powerful ).When a ship is sinking, you rescue the people, go back to land and build a new ship ( A New World Order ).

Much of the things that we have today were not available or not even imaginable 65 years ago when the Rules for the Present day system were being Drawn. We have to go back to the Board room and the Economic and Social Architecture has to be redrawn with the Fresh insights, knowledge, expertise and equipment we have to make the Global System - People and Nature Friendly. Period.

Meanwhile, if you have read this far and benefited from this website, Please kindly direct any lost wayfarer to this website so that he may be comforted, keep his sanity and live another day until the Leaders of this world stop their hanky panky and not think of their own asses but learn to think sacrificially like - Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi and Jesus who laid down their lives, choosing to do the RIGHT thing rather than the comfortable thing!

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