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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Educate Everybody

"The noblest trait in a Knight is Honesty." King Arthur.

During the 2nd World War when the Germans were winning the war Sir. Winston Churchill just launched out his - "We will Fight every where, land, sea and air" Speech. In a way we are at war now at the level of our wits on a global scale.

When asked for the cause for the Global Economic Recession, Former Fed Chairman, Alan Greenspan only could say, "The intellectual edifice of Global Economics has crumbled. I never thought the Governing Bodies could not manage it. They had done so for 40 years."

In war time, it is essential to be Positive, that is what all the Governments are showing to the Public now. Why do I then blog negative news? It is because "the Negative News" is the vital information that the hoi polloi and General Public need to get back the reins over the run away economy which was gradually stolen away from them by some clever manipulators over the last 30 years.

To put it bluntly, over the last 30 year the bottom 75% of the people never got a pay rise, adjusting for inflation, Cost of Living and Quality of Life. The Top 1%'s income doubled, Top 0.1% tripled, Top 0.01% quadrupled. Which country ? Any Country. In America, the top 400 people earned nearly USD 250 million. This is no secret. Their earnings were 5,000 times more then the average Joe. Something is grossly not right.

Most people do not want to know this. They just ask me, so when do I expect the "turn around?" My answer is there is no reason to raise that subject because the "New Intellectual Edifice" has not been put in place. Any new growth is fictitious and the next Meltdown if allowed to proceed with the present system is something I pray I do not live to see.

Do we see less Greed? No . Do we see more Generousity? No. Do we see any signs of dismantling or regulating the Global Economic System? No. Less talk about FDIs and GDPs and CIs? No. Less people using cars? No. More people eating grains,friuts and vegetables? No. Less Lifestyle diseases? No. Less Co2 Emission? No. Lessening of the Rich-Poor Gap? No. Demand for Oil dropping? No. US Currency not the only Global Reserve Currency? No. SO WHAT THE HELL ARE WE EXPECTING A TURN AROUND FOR ? Things must change at the heart and mind level of the Individual and things must change at the Administrative Leadership level of The White House in USA. Only then can the World hope for a turn around.

Time For such a turn around to happen? My Guess is 20 to 40 years IF PEOPLE are HONEST.

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  1. Let's face it. Humans are imperfect beings with many animal traits but lost in their sense of superiority and illusions of idealism. Animal societies are hierarchical so are ours. Our attempts at egalitarism like communism often ends in dictatorships. We just have to realise that there will always be disparities and hope that our intelligence and sense of self preservation will ensure some stability and fairness in social dynamics, otherwise, society will breakdown. The key to survival is adaptation and the current economic downturn necessitates a change in economic behaviour which was so dependent on debt to fund growth. Changes are necessary but then a lot of what we are also imprinted in the genes.

    Choong Khuat Hock