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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Crisis ? What Crisis ?

"Serious Sport is War minus the shooting." George Orwell

After Trillions of US Dollars flushed in to the system by many nations in the world as economic recovery packages it is relatively not easy to see that there is a predicament at all. But please be weary of what you see. What you see is not what is because the system is not fixed until the system is fixed. Actually it is common sense.

Let me put it this way. If there was a wound on your flesh and instead of it healing it is getting worse and worse and worse, that is, the prognosis is deteriorating, would the doctor be afraid for the patient and do something else or just carry on with the same regime ? Of course, change, try something else. That it what is happening to the world, the people and the ecosystem. The situation is getting worse but the Leaders are afraid to change because they may have to forsake some comfort too!

We are no more in the Era of the 20th Century and Nationalisation. Whether we like it or not we have all bought into the the Great American Panache called Capitalism and Democracy and the Power of Effective Education, Communication and Transport has literally wiped out all efforts of Nationalisation except for a very few stubborn Nations like Cuba and North Korea. We are effectively in the Era of Globalization.

The sooner we grasp this concept and embrace it as a reality the faster something can be done to correct the imbalances, regulate fiscal governance and provide ecological stability to the whole earth. "The first Principle should be Zero Tolerance to Industrial activity that Pollutes Earth, Air, Water or Man." I know if this is executed suddenly Nations could collapse. But it is also an OPPORTUNITY to Agriculturally Brave Countries who have industrialised to see the Return to old fashioned Agricultural living mixed with modern amenities as an opportunity as it will attract the aging population to spend their retirement in a more conducive environment and at a more comfortable pace besides providing an endless benefit chain that will counter balance the ills of over industrialsation, urbanisation and monetisation.

The top developing countries in the world like China, India, Malaysia, Brazil, Indonesia all can have this opportunity to not go on an Urbanisation-Industrialisation Spree but to execute Discernment and Balance First, converting their territory into a mixed Paradise of Nature and Modernity which is in high demand among Westerners who are exhausted by the wanton foolishness of their Governments and Industrialists.


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