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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Corruption : 45 years and still growing

There seems to be a common string running through every nation on earth. The Formula: Combine 1) Government 2) Business 3) Banks 4) Media 5) Transport and 6) Communication 7) Insurance 8) Health care 9) Education 10) Energy 11) Law 12) Sex 13) Real Estate 14) Construction 15) Security 16) Management and hey presto! a Company gets an impregnable iron-clad source of revenue at the expense of the tax-payer.

This shameless game has been growing for the last 45 years with total disregard to the common man or nature up to the point of threatening the sanctity of our intellectual process. There seems to be no difference between the terrorist who bombed the twin towers and the slow killer who masterminded the slow but sure bleeding of our economy up to the point of total collapse.

What was supposed to be : Capitalism by demand and supply situation has grown into an Monster called Imperial Corporatism where the common man lives on an emotionless strait jacket budget but the "chiefs" live on hubris and wantonness.

My wish is that every one who reads this Blog will start a blog, copy and paste the declaration below and write your name, city and country where you live so that your "friendly" member of Parliament, councillor, or Governor will get the message and start breaking barriers at his level to create a New World Order that can sustain Life.

Take Action - Blog this Declaration: Go

"We, Consumers
aware our callous Governments working hand in glove with over zealous entrepreneurs and corrupt International Financial Firms are taking us for Fools, Manipulating Facts and Deceiving us.

we are at Fault too for allowing the establishment to short change us by our own short sightedness and our craving for unearned merit, convenient services and worst of all easy credit and Get-Rich-Quick Schemes

We, Consumers of the World hereby pledge that we will SEEK, Practice and Teach, Sustainable Productivity and Just Values of Living, knowing full well - a disease in One Part of the World can become a Global Pandemic; A poor Community in One Part of The world is Just a Cog in the Wheel for Manipulation, Corruption and Deception World-Wide, A dishonest man in authority or seat of Power can trigger A World-Wide Catastrophe and Climate Change, global warming and environmental pollution subtly puts a toxic load on our health that no Health care Policy can help !"

Thank You. Now e-mail 5 friends to do the same. / /

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