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Monday, July 13, 2009

The Emperor's Clothes

Global leaders seem to be doing what is popular than what is right. Infact they are hooked to fame. If they want to be really famous always they must strive to do the RIGHT THING rather then the Nice thing. The world economy has been growing but there has been far too much of pseudo growth that it is beginning to show.

The Emperor has no clothes is good way to explain it. We are having an economy burning at both ends - Economically, Humanitarianally and Environmentally. We are Living against the grains of Nature and Life. As such, any kind of such Growth will only test the Breaking Point of Nature. This is common sense but uncanny, sinister, cruel, power crazy people will not be able to see it until they die or the planet breaks! So, the ordinary people like me can only wait and see how the drama unfolds.

I am not convinced yet of any sincerity of national and world leaders to set the system in right mode. The last 40 years shows a blatant track record of pure disregard for civilized, peaceful and harmonious living due to the socio-economic and political structures in place. The World grew Richer and More people became Poor. Does that make any sense to You ?? We are living in the 11th hour but it looks like Obama and Team are waiting for 11.55pm.

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