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Thursday, July 2, 2009

The New Global Order in 2030

If some drastic political will is not applied to the up coming New Global Order, to reverse trends and transform basic human behavioral desires, in 20 years time -2030 - the world will not be having 200 nationalities, races, religions, customs and cultures.

What we will have is ONLY 5 Global CLASSES: CLASS I: 0.1% Global Population- Invisible Aristocratic Super-Rich Class. Class II - 24.9% Global Population - The Adjusted Status Quo - Those who have land, property and a share in the Stock Market. Class III - 25% Global Population - Those who clamouring up the social ladder. CLASS IV - 25% Global Population: Those who are fighting for higher wages. These have No House, No Car, No Spouse. CLASS V: 25% Global Population : Those with No Food, No Jobs, No Education.

In a rambunctious information wireless internet on-time online era, it is NOT difficult to imagine the above taking into consideration easy global transportation of people, goods and services and the ever prevalent natural desire and tendency of MAN for fame and fortune by hook or by crook in the name of protecting his family !

Weathering the financial Crisis must be a Grass-Root, Bottom up endeavour of the people more than the national Governments and other agencies.

The People need to come to a place where enlightenment dawns on them like day break that they knowingly or unknowingly orchestrated the whole global economic crisis.

In the same way the National Governments of the world must also admit 2 Things:
1)They were partners hand in glove to whoever in nuturing this global meltdown over the last 20 years. 2) Recovery from this situation to a free and democratic Nation will require each and every individual to carry his own economic burden and stop relying on the Government - so that the government can do what governments must only do - Upgrade Infrastructure, Protect Justice and Human Rights equally for every Citizen without damaging, climate, environment and People's Health, protect the nation from subtle or overt invasion and Narrow the Gap between the Haves and the Havenots.

What is the Alternative or if a lackadaisical attitude be taken by the Governments and the Consumer/ Citizen ? If sustained frank and Honest Clarion calls are
not made by the Government itself, in 20 years time - 2030 - I see a completelety different socio-economic and political lanscape in every country:
A country where the Governments have to lie through its teeth to retain control. A disappearing National culture and community to earn a better living in another country due to globalization, No grateful citizen and 50% of each Country being occupied by foreigners and everybody doing his own thing leaving every Country on earth unprotected to a different form of exploitation.

The situation was different in 1945, different in1957, different in 1970, different in 1990, different in1997 and is different now, in 2009. The time has come where we cannot be playing, pampering, protecting and nurturing but placing the truth squarely so that each citizen uses his own thinking cap and does his own bit for self and nation building. (A Good Hollywood movie which inspires this possibility is "LEAN ON ME". It is worthwhile for every sincere national Leader to watch this Movie for inspiration and consumer to watch it to rise up above himself/herself.)

Citizens are beginning to say blatantly,"
I do not like to be misled." That is a good sign as it shows they want the facts and they want the truth because the have matured and can rise up to face it. But, in the present information era that statement will have less and less use because "Consumers have a Choice as to which channel they want to put on, listen and abide to" and the whole gamut of evidence is online 24-7.

"Seek and you shall Find, Knock and the door shall be opened, ASK and it shall be given." Jesus

Never in the History of Mankind has the Words by Pluto, " The First and Greatest Conquest is the Conquest of SELF," become so Urgent, Important and Necessary for the Survival of the Human Race!

People must understand that the present global economy is not driven by just supply, demand, media advertisements and politics BUT more than ever before by the Collective PASSIONS, THOUGHTS and MINDS of the Masses. The masses must understand that never in the history of Mankind can such a Great Power be pooled for Good or for evil !

Yes, You may seek redress and say you were brainwashed from the Cradle but a colossal catastrophe like the Present Global Economic Meltdown is Sufficient reason to shock you out of your Zombie-like State of Mind. The matter is not whether it is right or wrong for the Governments to provide the safety net, Economic Recovery Package. The Point is Just as the Evil Forces of the world have Bought time through the artificial Recovery Package, YOU have also got the Last Chance to alter and transform your own stance and strategy to face the realities and limitatations of a mundane natural life and be vigilant to be not taken for another cycle of roller coaster meaningless ride because the Powers that be have more serious issues to handle than listening to babies who do not want to GROW UP !

Remember with Pride , you were born to succeed in all areas of life and not just a portion of Life. Do not allow yourself to be manipulated. You have a Good Self Image and the first strategy of the enemy is to break your Self Image. After that you destroy yourself. Get your SELF Image right and the rest will follow.

"One man with courage is Majority." Thomas Jefferson

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