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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Smoking Gun

"Countless children are living in appalling poverty, without the day-to-day essentials we take for granted. Others are bravely struggling to survive in situations of conflict." Sir Roger Moore of James Bond fame.

The more research one does into the State of Humanity in the 21st Century, the more depressing it gets. Infact many have decided on the ostrich mentality with regard to the present economic, environmental, global and ethical situation.

The average modern adult works at 3 levels, Career, spouse, children. This is difficult enough to balance. If by God's grace you are better endowed you can help someone near you improve. But because the economic basket has shrunk - (honey, who shrunk the economic basket? ) it will take some time before reality dawns on Governments, Multinational Corporates and the Private sector that something is intrinsically wrong with the basic fundamentals that this business called growth by selling hot air must stop.

Any fool can understand economics of scale is the basis for Power and Control. Add to this the Global Stock market and the internet and you have created the ultimate unregulatable Global machine. Anybody dreaming of better regulations is fooling himself/ herself or is buying time.

It is obvious that to those whom the stakes are high will keep on the Hanky Panky Game. People like me have nothing to lose by speaking the Truth. Back to Basics is the only way up. It is better if we retraced our growth to 1970 when man had landed on the moon, the 1st heart transplant had been done and a billion baby-boomers the world over embarked on the Great March Forward to the City from the Village. There was no internet then.

Somewhere between 1970 to 1980 were the Glory days of America. However, as in all Glory days, the seeds of destruction are also sown in the glory days. Today we are reaping that fruits of those seeds. It is sad but true to see everybody is helpless and just biding the time. "We are living in an Era of Consequences," said Al Gore. We are reaping the reaction of our own actions.

It is a shameful fact of life that mankind has arrived at a stage of trajectory that if he proceeds in the same line for another 40 years, there will be no planet Earth.

"Everything depends on your Behaviour," said the Blue Fairy to Pinocchio !

Today, a lethal combination of information, service on demand, easy money, fast food, Global companies, out-sourcing, liberalisation and one world situation has created a restless unhealthy man fighting with his neighbour to improve his lot.

The lack in this world is man made. The pollution in this world is man made. Name any of the problems hanging on man's neck - it is all man made, even diseases and climate change is man made. Since man made it, man will be able to correct it just by going back to nature and true values.

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